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A free info pak of 101 outstanding money saving tips. You could be saving as much as $600 a year from just ONE of these tips! Think how much you'll save if you apply them all ...


Simply send payment for your auction or store item within two days of the close of the auction/transaction and ALSO receive this bonus package ... it has a combined value of thousands of dollars!

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PHONE CARDS & CALLING PLANS personal growth & stress relief travel


** Get money back on your eBay purchases. No, this is not a misprint! You'll also get cash back at thousands of other popular online retailers and earn extra cash when other people shop. We'll reveal THREE cashback programs you can use on eBay and more. It's genius!

** THREE FREE Snipes on any eBay auctions! This service will automatically place your bid in the closing seconds of an eBay auction, making it more likely you'll be the winner. No more bidding wars, no more re-arranging your life to sit at the computer and watch an auction, etc. You've GOT to give this a try. I LOVE IT!! (After you've used it 3 times, future snipes are as low as just 25 cents each, depending on the bid price.) You can even buy your own insurance on your package, even if the seller doesn't offer it -- at a discount too. If the same item is being sold by different sellers, you can even set it up to bid on multiple auctions and have it only win one for you. Saves tons of time and energy.

** Two of the best and stable cashback credit cards. This is a no-brainer ... 0% interest PLUS cash back on all your purchases!

** A free service that enables you to leave voicemail on people’s cell phones without their phones actually ringing! This will work with any mobile service provider. Great to use when you don't feel like having a conversation, don't want to disturb someone, just want to leave a reminder, etc. You'll wonder how you ever got along without this.

** A free phone number for making and receiving calls and texting. Perfect for when you don't want to give out your home number, etc. You can set up this free telephone number to either ring your real phone number OR to always go to voicemail/text so you never have to hear it ring. With this account you can text from your computer too (which is so much faster and easier than using a tiny cell phone keyboard and screen). If you're in the USA, you can make free domestic phone calls and even international calls at a massive discount -- for example: call a landline in Italy for just 1 cent per minute!

** Get unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your area. Coupons are available for different cities (and countries). At home or on vacation, why pay full price for restaurants, events, services, etc? Plus, for every friend you refer, you'll get a $10 credit!

** A free speed reading course. Valuable and fascinating information on how to read faster, improve comprehension, and remember more of what you read! You'll be surprised how simple these tools are and at the nice side effect of greater creative thinking which results. A must-have for business owners, students, and anyone who finds reading a frustrating chore. This is a priceless skill which can be learned easily.

** A free eBay selling eCourse (eBook)! Don't miss this valuable tool if you plan to start or grow an eBay business -- it's a step by step system that will enable you to eclipse the income of the average individual. What You Need to Know Before Getting Started, 10 Steps to Successful Selling, 10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response, and more!

** FREE 90 DAY TRIAL of a new internet postage service with exceptional perks such as free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail and discounts on other mail classes, faster delivery, insurance, automatic calculation of postage, interfaces to Outlook and Act!, and more. No more standing in those long lines at the post office to mail your packages or buy stamps, no more handwriting addresses over and over, no more guesswork. PLUS, if you want to become an affiliate (free), they'll even pay you $10 for every referral customer you generate!! Perfect for auction sellers and anyone with an online store.

** How to find people in your town who want to give things away (and how to get rid of your stuff too). It's ALL FREE!  You won't believe this ... there are actually people in over 5,000 towns and cities around the world who are so benevolent they offer FREE items they want to get rid of. (8 million and growing.) So if you have things collecting dust but don't want to bother taking it to a thrift store for donation, or don't want to bother selling it, you can post an offer on this online network. AND, if you want to just get free stuff, you can post a want ad on this network and people will contact you to arrange pickup! Chances are, you'll find your town on the list. The goal of this group is to encourage recycling and to keep useful items out of our garbage dumps. A great idea that's catching on in over 125 countries!

We just had to include these 3 secret goodies because they're ALMOST free and too good to pass up ...

** Unlimited talk, text, and data cell phone plan for $5 per month with no contract. This is not a misprint!! Positive reviews from The Wall Street Journal, CNet, USA Today, PC Mag, The Washington Post, and more.

** A residential phone landline for under $6.50 per month, 30 day money back guarantee. This is not a misprint either!! We've been using this particular Voice Over IP service for years and love the features and the savings (we save $285 per year by not using AT&T or Comcast). We can even set up caller specific actions ... such as making a certain phone numbers always go to voicemail without ringing through or always give a busy signal, etc. More than 40 features come with this great home telephone service, including free unlimited calling anywhere in the USA and Canada, plus 1 hour of free international calling to over 40 countries every month.

** Earn $470 per day processing just 10 incoming texts per day. Hint: you'll be working from home (or anywhere you have a computer, mobile phone, internet connection and valid email address) for a Mobile Media Applications company. Decide how often and how long you want to work. No experience or selling necessary.


** Shopping by swapping. The most incredible way to save money is by BARTERING … I'll show you where to find a marketplace currently offering 80,000 items up for trading. Got a product or service? Then you can offer it to the thousands of people out there who love shopping by swapping! CD's, sports items, jewelry, movies, computers, antiques, collectibles, and even vehicles are up for barter and lots more. Get in on this and ride this wave, it's TOTALLY FREE in every way! You may find you enjoy this even better than online auctions.
** Coupons for over 1,000 popular online stores you won’t find advertised! Save a ton of money from now on.
** Printable coupons for more than 1,000 popular offline stores you won’t find advertised! (retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and more)
** How I save $50-$75 per week on my grocery bill with a couple of creative shopping tricks.
** A one-stop place to find the best freebies, samples, and unbelievable deals.
This site updates every few hours, so you'll always have a steady stream of free stuff to grab!
** Payless shoe store secret discounts.
** Special discount for VistaPrint.

** Special discount coupons for Half.com.
** Special discount coupons for Office Depot / Office Max.
** Special discount coupons for Staples.
** Special discount coupons for Amazon.com.
** What's on sale in stores this week? A one-stop place for info about products advertised by local retail stores in 45 states every week, so you can compare prices and get the best deal!
** A one-stop place to search for any product in online and/or local stores. You'll save so much time and gas not having to drive around town looking for that certain something. It's a search engine for shopping that puts every product, every store, every sale, coupon and discount, right at your fingertips.
** $10 or 10% off pet supplies, delivered right to your door. PLUS a chance to win free pet food for one year!!
** How to announce items you're looking to buy ... where millions of people will see your request. I’ll give you 5 little-known FREE places to post your wanted items.
** Two credit cards that pay you cash back on your purchases. No fees. Smart shoppers know how to get the most spending power by charging their purchases on credit cards that rebate a percentage of every dollar spent. We'll even share a little secret of how to take greater advantage of cash back credit cards so you can beat the system!
** How to have a doll created to look like a special child in your life! This custom-designed doll is SURPRISINGLY affordable, you won’t believe it! You can even preview how the doll will look before it goes into production. This would make an amazingly unique gift for a little person OR for someone who would love to have a doll that looks like they did when they were a child! And as if that weren’t enough, I’ll show you how to get 10% off any order for you and/or your friends.

** Your own domain name (www.you.com) PLUS an unlimited website with no banners or ads -- all for under $7 per month, plus exceptionally generous referral commissions! I've searched and found that nobody beats this deal for UNLIMITED disk space, throughput, emails, and add-on domains and other features. Toll-free 24/7 tech support too! And those companies offering cheap domain names don't tell you that you still have to find and pay monthly for a service to host your site. None of the free webspace providers offer ad-free hosting with or without a domain name, either. ** THIS COMPANY IS RATED BEST ALL-AROUND IF YOU WANT THE MOST PROFESSIONAL AND AFFORDABLE WEBSITE ** Reach the 605 million people online with your product, service, or message!
** Free 2 MB website.
** Info on how to get over two dozen secret goodies to jazz up your website. Free shopping cart, accept credit cards on your site for just pennies per transaction, install fancy forms even if your site has no CGI capabilities, 2 uncomplicated tricks to make it impossible for anyone to ever steal any content OR graphics from your site, without marring the images (great for artists and photographers who have valuable copyright material on display), and many more. You won't believe your eyes! You'll need this whether you've never built a site before or you're a skilled web designer.
** plus many more exceptional webhosting companies for you to choose from so you can own your own website at an affordable price and with the features you need. And, the scoop on free website services.

** Free phone card, with unlimited potential for easy extra free minutes.
** Instant shopping for the best phone card rates worldwide.
** How to get all the legwork done for you when shopping for a long distance or VoIP service.

** Free personal finance and spending management software.
A simple, proven, no-gimmick system anyone can use to regain financial health. Recommended by top budgeting experts. Get yours free! (Otherwise you'll have to pay $14.95 in the bookstore for the printed edition.)
** One free one-on-one coaching session with an expert budgeting consultant.
Find out how to rapidly get out of debt, create a budget that works, increase your savings, and more. Ask any questions you want!


** Free ways to earn money with your website. SELL WITHOUT BUYING! In two seconds you’ll discover nearly 2,000 popular online merchants who need and want your help and will pay you commission for leads and/or sales coming from their links or banners which you place on your site!
** Free internet marketing course(s).

** Free video newsletters and email newsletters that will teach you the secret to letting go of even long-standing emotions, habits, pain, etc. Hundreds of thousands of people have achieved incredible results with a simple technique that put them back in control of their lives. They have experienced financial, emotional, mental, and physical benefits, improved all types of relationships, conquered addictions, gained confidence and self-esteem, found peace and happiness. This is something anyone can do with this phenomenal tool. You can start the same day your audios arrive! This is a personal FAVORITE of mine which has done wonders for me.
** Free 14-day trial of a revolutionary and popular audio program that will enable you to break the cycle of stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. Clinically validated. This is my second FAVORITE tool that has changed my life. You can also enter to win the complete program free ... random daily winners are chosen.
** Free articles on personal effectiveness and more. This is a great toolkit of resources to help you excel professionally and personally.

Free trial of a revolutionary tool which gives you fast, easy and secure access to control your computer from any Web browser, anywhere. Check Email. Transfer Files. Use Your Applications. Access Your Network. From Anywhere. Now you'll be able to balance work and family, have the freedom to travel, etc. (Here's an example of why you need it: You’re out of town on business; your meeting starts in fifteen minutes, and you realize you’ve forgotten a critical file. No need to panic. You’ve got Internet access in your hotel and you installed this tool on your office computer before you left.)
** Get voicemail and faxes delivered to your email address, free! AND send faxes for free without a fax machine or software.
** Free 30-day trial of a FREE toll-free number with plenty of virtual office services included.
** Send your eBay and/or Overstock.com customers an automatic weekly newsletter with your listings.

** Discount coupons for over 5,000 U.S. hotels, motels, and resorts. Secret deals most people don't know about! Get your coupons online or in a printed book. You won't pay a penny for these coupons but you'll save tons of money, even on a one night stay.

** Get $25-$50 for opening an online bank account, PLUS $20 for every person you refer who opens an account!! This is THE best online bank account on earth, paying more interest than real-world banks. No real-world bank even comes close to this deal!! We've been with them since 2002 and love it. No need to change banks, either. This can be an additional bank account, a secret stash account, or whatever you need it for.

** Fr
ee sampler utility which enables you to make cool 3D graphics in less than 5 seconds. Just plug in your text and poof! Create titles, headlines, and more ... for your website, auction listings, brochures, business cards, etc. Choose your font, color, size, and 3D style. Then just grab the graphic and save it on your computer for any use.
** How to reduce AND PROFIT FROM your junk email (spam). [one of the articles I've written]
** A 100% effective way to block automated junk email messages. Sick of getting a barrage of emails promising everything from lower mortgage rates to cheap prescriptions to enhanced, enlarged or improved body parts? You need this tool which uses a combination of unique technology and a human touch to defeat the exponentially increasing problem of spam. This will save you time and money — and end the frustration of receiving constant unwanted email. Find out how this revolutionary technology will STOP ALL automated junk mail from ever reaching your Inbox! 30 day FREE TRIAL!
** FOUR free play-by-ear piano lessons. Over 270,000 people have learned how to play music by ear in weeks (not years)! It starts with these 4 free lessons. They can also teach you this skill for other instruments such as guitar, drums, etc.

** Free 30-day trial of a service that will enable you to watch over 150,000 TV shows and movies online. We cut off cable TV months ago and only watch streaming internet TV now. Believe me, there is no shortage of programs and movies to watch. You won't miss cable or satellite and you'll save a bundle of money every month and year from now on.
** 50 free prints made from your digital photos. Limited time! This is our favorite online photo resource -- easily and quickly upload your digital pictures to online albums for sharing, backup storage, etc. Then get your favorites printed into real photographs.
Free info on DROPSHIPPING. Everyone with a website, a web store, or an online auction selling account should read this! Learn how to sell products without spending money or storage space for inventory. Certain manufacturers will ship directly to your customers and you keep a hefty profit. You'll get FREE access to over 12 hours of powerful interviews with experts in eCommerce and the wholesale industry.
** How to get gift certificates for thousands of popular restaurants WAY BELOW face value! Give as a gift or spend it yourself.
** How to get 50% off certificates for thousands of popular restaurants. Give as a gift or spend it yourself.
** How to give the gift of choice -- give someone an online gift certificate
for 300 stores.
** Free list of every Bank & Government Foreclosure.
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the largest foreclosure database and the only foreclosure search engine! Save 30% - 50% on your next home! Over 1.8 million property listings updated daily, free email alerts too. This is the best bargain for home buying -- for your personal or investment needs.
** How to find contact information on elusive people (even celebrities) and businesses all over the world.
** Track down new addresses for undeliverable messages AND stop losing messages when you change your email address.
** A superb collection of tutorials to teach you everything you could ever want to know about using the Internet!
** The most economical online appraisal service out there – under $10! When your valuable item is appraised, you'll also receive an appraisal certificate you can use when selling the item on auctions or offline. Join their affiliate program and earn commission on every appraisal AND other services they offer. They'll even give you brochures, business cards, and display materials to use to promote the service to help you get clients! Many other services offered: buying and selling, ask the experts, classifieds, etc. An ESSENTIAL resource if you sell items on eBay, etc. We used it for a consignment client's original oil painting and found it was worth $10,000 more than she was going to sell it for!!
** FREE electronic reminder service. Wouldn't it be great to be able to send yourself pre-scheduled reminders for important things like meetings, appointments, family events, renewals, bills, follow ups, phone calls, etc.? Isn't your life too busy to have to keep that all in your brain, where it almost always escapes into ForgetfulLand? Problem solved. Send reminders to yourself and others with this incredibly simple and effect
ive service. This could save your job, your relationships, and your sanity!
** FREE literature and/or website in over 700 languages. Looking for Bible literature in a language for someone you know who doesn't read English? Whether it's Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Polish, or Afrikaans, it's here! At this special site, some languages have dozens or hundreds of magazines and books available online, and you can request printed versions of the literature (even in Braille and Sign Language). And of course there's English ... which includes an online modern English translation of the Bible. Topics on the website, videos, audios and literature cover all areas of life ranging from spirituality to family life to science and the world, to animals, and so much more! A great way to do research in the privacy of your home and expand your knowledge and appreciation of the world's all-time best-selling book!
** FREE online 5 GB backup/storage account. You'll get a personal, secure digital library of all your MP3s, videos, digital photos and work related documents.
** FREE trial of tools for online auction sellers. Image hosting of hundreds of images at a time, including supersized pictures. Hundreds of free customizable, exciting templates. Free scheduling. Online auction management software, performance reports. Stop creating auctions the hard way!
** FREE search engine for images.

** FREE information you need on the spot. Call this one unique phone number and choose what you need to know: weather, time of day, movie listings, traffic, business telephone directory assistance, directions, sports, cheap gas locations, travel info, stock quotes, and more! Save this number on speed dial for quick access.
** Restaurants and other companies that give you free meals, etc. on your birthday. Even if you don't celebrate your birthday, these are some great deals you can benefit from. You won't believe how many there are!
** How to send and receive free cell phone text messages and pictures. Hate paying up to 25 cents per text message? Then you need this cool little tool.
** How to get free search results on your cell phone even if you DON'T have the internet. A particular internet search engine offers a really neat little tool for any SMS-capable phone (which is just about all of them). In less than a minute, your answer will come in a text message. Want to know the weather report? Define a word? Get maps and directions? The answer to an interesting question? Sports scores? Flight info? Need a list of all the Chinese restaurants in a certain zip code or city? Etc.
** Get wake-up calls, news, weather, movie listings, driving directions, traffic reports, taxi service, etc. from any telephone, anywhere in the USA, always FREE.
** Free DVD movie rental from one of the most popular companies. We'll reveal how to get free ongoing coupon codes, so you'll never have to pay for a movie again!
** 20% off at iPrint. Get business cards, stationery, self-inking stamps, custom post-it notes, brochures, flyers, magnets, photo cards, etc.
** How to get your name removed from national mailing and telemarketing lists.
** Free breakthrough top-secret ways to get a job.
** Free Health Care Quotes and consultation. Medical Savings of up to 50% / Nurses on Call / Pharmacy Savings of Up to 40% and More / Dental Savings of 20% to 60% / Vision Savings of 20% to 60% / Alternative Healthcare Savings of up to 30% and More. No deductibles, no claim forms, everyone is approved!
** FREE directory assistance from your home phone or cell phone. Never again will you have to pay $1.25 or more to call directory assistance from your cell phone! Use this new secret to get it 100% free.
** Free list of over 30 store rewards programs you can join for free to regularly save big bucks.
** Free weeks of
the world's most trusted and reliable daily newspaper, delivered to your home or available online.
** Free I.Q. test. Get proof of how smart you are!
** Free magazine subscriptions and trial issues. Over 120 different magazines on a wide variety of subjects such as baby, sports, outdoors, beer, food, history, health, computers, etc.


** …. And more, such as inside information on how to get what you want, secrets of how to not get ripped off by auto mechanics and car salesmen, lots of thrifty tips, a variety of services, etc.


These 100 bonuses are available with any purchase from my ...

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THE VALUE OF THIS BONUS ALONE IS WORTH A SMALL FORTUNE! I stopped counting at $3,600 – plus, several of these items have unlimited potential for making AND saving you money for years to come. So the sky’s the limit on how much this bonus package is worth! I have discovered these little-known secrets in my travels as a Professional Research Consultant and love using them myself. You can do whatever you want with these after receiving them, even give them away as promotions of your own.

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Some shoppers have mistakenly assumed that I'm offering the bonus package as part of some sort of MLM scheme or that they'll automatically be signed up for 100 different things that will clutter their emailbox. Allow me to put those fears to rest: What will happen when I give away these bonuses is that you will be directed to an area granting free access to the list of bonuses. You are free to choose whichever ones appeal to you and can go back and re-visit any time and benefit from the new offers which are regularly added. It's simply my personal collection of outstanding freebies and special deals I've found in my research … which I am sharing with you in appreciation for doing business with me on this auction and paying promptly (within 2 days of the auction's close). That's all !