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EBAY PULSE GUIDE version (With Resell Rights)

   It's called the "PULSE" for a reason.  Think about it without your pulse you would die.  The "PULSE" of eBay is the heartbeat of eBay telling you what is hot.  Getting an item on the PULSE can literally mean the difference between getting a few dozen hits or tens of thousands of hits meaning MANY, MANY, MANY more potential bidders for your auction.  (i.e. your bids go up and/or you sell more of your products)  We stumbled across how to get on the PULSE not by accident but by thorough investigation involving weeks & weeks of research.  THIS ONE Version 2 HAS RESELL RIGHTS!!!!!!!  The previously version does not.


   This is information (not a cheat) on how we get to the pulse fairly regularly.  Making it to the pulse is relatively easy, it's just a matter of knowing how to do it.  We have actually done tests with a couple of our auctions and found that our auctions that made it to the Pulse made $300.00 more than our ones that didn't.



   It used to be that over 95% of the "How to Get on the Pulse" products on eBay were designed to cheat your way to the top.  NOT THIS ONE.  There used to be a flaw in eBay's guest system which allowed many to cheat their way to the top and now that this has been fixed the only way to get to the top is through legitimate means which we will show you as we have made it to the pulse several times.  (Proof below)  We routinely list similar items so keep this in mind when viewing the screen captures below.


At any one given time there is on average about 14 million items for sale on eBay (see chart at right). 

There are only 10 slots available on the MAIN pulse

So the odds of a seller getting an item on the pulse are approximately

1 in 1,400,000

The odds of a seller getting 2 items on the Main pulse AT THE SAME TIME are


We have had 2-3 items on the MAIN pulse at the SAME TIME (see proof below)




 This information is delivered in the form of an e-book.  You DO have resell rights and may sell or offer it as a bonus gift in all of your auctions as incentive to help sell your product(s).  There is no guarantee that you will or won't make the pulse.  We are conveying techniques and methods we utilize to reach the pulse.  Your results may vary.  Thank you and we wish you well. 

All logos and images are the property of their respective owners.  Auction content copyright 2005 BuyOP & MysteryGiant